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Convo About Love, Equality And And A Love for the Truth, Come And Add Comments

Convo About Love, Equality, Come Add Your Comments
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Thank you for visiting my journal. Please consider joining my new community which is the Love for Truth community which you can join by clicking here.

The Love for Truth News Community, is dedicated to surfacing the stories from around the world buried or dismissed by the mainstream media due to controversy. Feel free to discuss even the most controversial issues (so long as they do not violate any terms of service set up by Live Journal), or post articles of a political nature on here (if not written by yourself, please be sure to properly cite them). Also feel free to discuss issues related to love and relationships (so long as they do not violate any terms of service set up by Live Journal), or post articles of a sensitive nature on here (if not written by yourself, please be sure to properly cite them). But please, conduct yourself in a mature manner (avoid using profanity, personal attacks, etc. in your posts and replies) and keep your posts relevant to the realm of love and creating a better world.

Thank you for visiting my journal and I hope you will join the Love for Truth News Community
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